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Do you ever get par*a*lyzed with mak*ing a deci*sion? Is it dif*fi*cult for you to decide when hard choices con*front you? You get scared and you get fear*ful, so instead you do nothing?

The other per*son*al*ity type is those that fear any kind of deci*sion at all. I call these peo*ple Ana*lytic Paralytics…frozen with infor*ma*tion over*load. At some point in our lives most peo*ple hit this cross*road, espe*cially when big deci*sions need to be made. We want so badly not to make mis*takes, so we gather and gather and hunt for infor*ma*tion. We ask ques*tions, we seek advice, we get opinions….but the more infor*ma*tion we gather, the more dif*fi*cult it becomes to decide!

more here... http://www.brazencareerist.com/2010/...-doing-nothing

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