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My near deaf experience

So today I wake up at 6:00 AM, of course I am not gonna wake up but my right ear itches slightly. So I do what the male instinct tells me to do...irradicate the itch. So I itch me ear then suddenly my ear pops but after it pops my hearing in that ear goes away completly, and there is tremendous pressure on my ear. So I am now a little scared because I don't wanna lost the hearing in that ear. So I do what my male instinct tells me to do...sleep it off. So I roll over and go back to sleep. I wake up at about 9:54 or somethin' and the pressure seems to be I slowly raise up and BAM! its back. I curse to myself, jump outta bed and call Katelyyn...she knows all kinds of cool stuff so she might now how to cure my annoyance. But then horror sets in...shes in California...crap. So I pray she picks up her cell phone and of course she doesn't. So I think to myself "wow this really sucks". Then I start thinking...I do that diver thing that clears pressure. It doesn't work. CRAP!!!. So now I try somethin' else try pushing on other areas around my ear. Then there is this one spot that when I push on it it makes the pressure worse. So me being the complete idiot I am I push on it harder. Then actually more like....pffff then my ear is clear...and I think to myself...what the $*!#? Just thought I'd share that.
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