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Why is collegiate racing so much more fun? Is it just not being in the real world yet or what? =]

Originally Posted by mcjimbosandwich View Post
There is actually team spirit, even in the lower cats. The same can't be said for USCF teams of the lower cats, which, as someone observed, is just a bunch of people racing in the same kit. To boot, at the races, you can properly warm up and cool down while your teammates help you.
Not all USAC teams are strangers riding in the same kit... at least on mine, we all know each other and try to do teamwork in races too (even in the 4's).

Fwiw I have fun at my races, though I didn't race in college so I guess I can't compare.

Also, don't most USAC clubs reimburse race fees? Most around here do, anyway.
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