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When I chose which school to go to I figured I could get a decent education anywhere, and picked based on location, extracurricular opportunities, campus, % of hot chicks, and other important factors.

I got into "better" schools than the one I went to (Cornell, Colorado College, etc) but came here, and I'm glad I did. It's just school. You'll learn anywhere if you want to, or not learn if that's what floats your boat. Something like 20% of freshman don't make it to their second year, and that's not because of the teachers or the class size or anything else, it's because they aren't ready to be in college. Make sure you can do the things you want to do outside the classroom.

I will say that the class sizes freshman year kind of sucked, and didn't exactly inspire me to go to class, but I haven't been in a room with more than 30 students since then. At a school of 20,000 or so...
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