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Well, I thought I'd tell you guys how it all went down.

Basically Dad made all the decisions based on his scanning the Internet, catching up on the latest and greatest bike tech, safety issues which have changed considerably since 1967.

We went around the city Saturday afternoon and landed in a shop I didn't know was there, but where the proprietor and Dad made a connection of sorts. That is, it was the one place which handled a series of bikes he wanted to look into and didn't treat him like a precious relic. Have you seen Sin City yet? The character Marv from Sin City, that's pretty much my Dad.

Anyway, at the end of the day he wound up with a Raliegh Retroglide NX4 with the addition of front and rear flashers, a front basket in addition to the rack on the back which comes with the package and a green safety flag ... I hadn't seen those flags in years. We had to go down the street to another shop to find a helmet which suited him and wound up with a BMX helmet in matte gray. He rode the bike home about six miles and had the time of his life.

Much like when I got my first "good" bike in years a while back. Today we rode down to the big city park nearby where I was reminded of his special appreciation for "co-eds". I really don't know why I bother worrying about him.
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