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Originally Posted by Litespeed
That is FANTASTIC--your quite the son and I'm sure the two of you will enjoy your time together again. Your dad might just surprise you and take to cycling so much he can out do you (just about). You know how much there is to enjoy in cycling and I'm sure he will rediscover all of it too and it will probably bring back some great memories for both of you.
Something I probably should have made clear: I wanted to buy him a bike and see how it goes. He quickly became convinced that he should have a bike for both a little exercise and to get out into the fresh air once in a while. The price of gas has something to do with it, too. For him, I think it's more princple than anything else.

He had a nice little nest egg going before the 90's which may have tripled during that decade and he got out at exactly the right time. I keep forgetting about that because he lives very, very modestly.

He bought the bike. It's all his doing, really. Even though he consulted me and I encouraged him I was just a bystander for the whole operation ... or maybe he needed somebody to drive his car home.
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