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Originally Posted by gedace View Post
I neglected to mention I also chose the hybrid ceramic bearings (+$100). I think the hubs and nipples were +$20 each so the final cost to me, including shipping, was $610. I'm excited to see how they look on my bike. That said, those S4.0's look hot!
thanks! i must say i am very impressed with the quality of the souls. i've really been riding them lately. they are actually on my Merlin right now. the roads around here suck lately, they still havent repaired all the damage this terrible winter inflicted on the roads, so i've taken these things over some pretty rough pavement. they are still dead true. hubs spin beautifully, they make a nice hum, quieter than campy hubs, but more noticeable than shimano.

i'm sure you will both be very pleased. i also found sean to be very easy to work with.
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