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Originally Posted by juniorcaveman
thanks for the great info, nathank. the full back one is the one i was looking at.

i primarily ride at wissahickon, actually (also called Valley Green). i don't know when you last rode there, but last summer all the rain and flooding caused tons of erosion and has drastically changed the trails. there's a pretty big fundraising campaign right now to rebuild a lot of the trails.

did you come to philly specifically to ride wissahickon?

the biggest thing for this protection is just to help me get my confidence back since i've been definitely hesitant since the first endo. CYA, you know?

thanks again!
hey JCM!

my sister lives in Philly just a few miles from the Valley Green Inn so i am there every so often... i was there xmas 03/04 for 2 weeks and rode almost every day and we rode almost every trail in Wissahickon at least once. plus, my girlfriend and i bought 2 bikes at Keswick Cycle - Brian hooked us up and i recommend the shop! i was also there 2 weeks in June 2004, but probably won't be back until xmas or later (going to Colorado/Utah/Arizona for 5 weeks mid-may through mid-june)

but yeah, i heard about all the trail damage as a friend of mine (Andy) was one of the organizers of one of the fund-raising rides...

back to topic: for the XC trails at Wissahickon when you sweat A LOT, i do not think i would wear either my pressure suit or my lightweight half-suit or even my thick arm/elbow protectors... as some other guys have commented, you can't expect full protection from something like the RaceLite but it is in my opinion an appropriate compromise - if it's too thick/heavy/hot for XC i won't wear it! but it does provide an extra level of protection - it's like full-fingered gloves: in a real crash they won't protect you from breaking a finger, but they DO help from minor cuts and scrapes and reduce the severity of major stuff (a good friend of mine tore a tendon in his thumb yesterday in a hard-core free-ride tour. he had on pretty much full gear - dianese full suit + full-face + long gloves + wrist protectors, but his thumb was still not protected)

for true XC riding i only wear:
lightweight knee/shin protectors
regular helmet (no full-face - too hot)
long-fingered gloves
my 661 racelite jacket
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