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Originally Posted by phillyskyline View Post
I only use one gear (the highest) on my 2 speed Brompton. I don't understand how anyone could use the lower gear--it just makes my legs spin uselessly, even on hills! And with everything going on around me on my city commute (cars, pedestrians, lots of red lights/stop signs, avoiding getting doored, etc), switching gears is just one more thing I don't want to have to think about. I'd love to convert to a SS--I detest the chain tensioner/derailleur, which needs constant cleaning--but I'm a beginner mechanic and wouldn't feel confident enough to do the work myself.
I have the S1E which is the s/s Brompton. It still has a tensioner so it can fold the back under without chain coming off. So you arent gaining much to convert. Ive often thought that the 2spd. would be great as there are some nasty hills here coming out of our river valley. Im thinking of converting to 2 spd kick back with coaster brake,but then Moulton is coming out with one later this year(TSR2) so will buy one and leave my Brommie alone.
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