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Originally Posted by duffymcpatzer View Post
There was a discussion of this recently on a different board. Some good info but the best info I came away with was to try out Mike Sherry. He's at Performance Labs HC on 89th and not affiliated with a bike shop so no sales pitch. I'm doing a build and probably going to use him once I'm done. I had a friend use Felix over at R&A when he got a bike there and the fit was excellent but if you know R&A they are a bit gruff. I believe its $245 there.

Here is a straight rip from Perfomance Labs site:
[FONT=Times New Roman][FONT=Geneva]Bike Fitting & Analysis

A properly fitted bike is an extension of you as a rider. A proper bike fit requires consideration of biomechanical efficiency, good power development, comfort, and aerodynamics. We have the experience of fitting Beginners, National Champions and World Champions as well as every in between.

Beginning with an interview, the goal is to find out what has and has not worked with your current set-up, what injuries you have had, and what has been giving you problems. We isolate 30+ skeletal measurements from head to toe, match them with your specific bike, and dial you in to the millimeter. Your flexibility is assessed, as are your core strength and your ability to stabilize in a cycling position—all of which are critical to determining handlebar placement. Not only does the fit include your set up but we also address issues like pelvic rotation, pedal technique, and specific settings for events such as Olympic distance triathlon, ITU triathlon, Ironman, Individual Time Trial, MTB and Cyclocross.
Developed by orthopedic surgeons, biomechanics specialists, kinesiologists, and world champion trainers, our bike fit system is cutting-edge and science-based. Our unique blend of research training and experience with the rigors of training and racing, combined with our ongoing research in the field, allow us to bring a level of expertise and professionalism to our fittings that is difficult to find in the cycling and triathlon industries.

A Comprehensive Fitting Analysis generally takes 2 hours, and as such, is available by appointment only. Cost $250

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