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Originally Posted by deltat View Post
So I just moved to the NYC area, but it seems like all the races are at like 6 in the morning. I have 2 CAT5 races that did in Boston and I really want to get to CAT4 so I can actually race in some of the real races that have no CAT5 field.

Are there any races that start at reasonable hours? I'd like to get to CAT4 by the end of this summer, but the way things are looking it's going to be impossible to get 8 more mass starts without waking up at 3 in the morning.

Why is racing in NYC so crazy? There are literally NO good options.
google rockleigh crit series

Originally Posted by GirlAnachronism View Post
Um, dude, HTFU and deal. That's what the rest of us do, and that's what naps are for.
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