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Originally Posted by nathank
hey JCM!

my sister lives in Philly just a few miles from the Valley Green Inn so i am there every so often... i was there xmas 03/04 for 2 weeks and rode almost every day and we rode almost every trail in Wissahickon at least once. plus, my girlfriend and i bought 2 bikes at Keswick Cycle - Brian hooked us up and i recommend the shop! i was also there 2 weeks in June 2004, but probably won't be back until xmas or later (going to Colorado/Utah/Arizona for 5 weeks mid-may through mid-june)

but yeah, i heard about all the trail damage as a friend of mine (Andy) was one of the organizers of one of the fund-raising rides...

back to topic: for the XC trails at Wissahickon when you sweat A LOT, i do not think i would wear either my pressure suit or my lightweight half-suit or even my thick arm/elbow protectors... as some other guys have commented, you can't expect full protection from something like the RaceLite but it is in my opinion an appropriate compromise - if it's too thick/heavy/hot for XC i won't wear it! but it does provide an extra level of protection - it's like full-fingered gloves: in a real crash they won't protect you from breaking a finger, but they DO help from minor cuts and scrapes and reduce the severity of major stuff (a good friend of mine tore a tendon in his thumb yesterday in a hard-core free-ride tour. he had on pretty much full gear - dianese full suit + full-face + long gloves + wrist protectors, but his thumb was still not protected)

for true XC riding i only wear:
lightweight knee/shin protectors
regular helmet (no full-face - too hot)
long-fingered gloves
my 661 racelite jacket

hey nathank,

i live a couple of miles from valley green, in glenside. i'm actually going to be out in colorado myself probably mid-june. a friend and i are going to camp and ride possibly winter park for a weekend. i know keswick cycle well, brian is definitely a good guy. i bought my bike up at the montgomeryville bike line mostly because my neighbor knows the owner and he hooked me up with a great deal on my bike and gear. we might have crossed paths this past june.

sorry to hear about your friend. i suppose there's always something that isn't protected. a friend of mine had full leg protection on and still a branch managed to find the little gap between and skewer his knee in a freak accident. he's got a great scar now.

as far as the on topic part...i've pretty much decided to go with the racejacket light or racejacket. i think at this point it's much more a confidence thing. i just want that extra little protection. i ride with full fingered gloves and they have definitely saved me from cuts and other dings more than once. i want the same sort of thing for my chest.

shoot me a message next time your in town, we'll go for a ride.
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