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It appears to be a Japanese made Bianchi... the quality of these is actually better than many Italian bikes including many Bianchi offerings of the time. These were designed in Italy but the actual production was outsourced which is not a bad thing as Japanese bikes tend to be of excellent build quality.

"Light" probably means 22- 23 pounds which isn't bad for a mid level steel frame.

May be way off base on my pricing here but...

If everything checks out I'd be offering 150.00 as it should be getting a full overhaul which is $90.00 plus service, it needs new bar tape (20.00), the brake hoods are dry rotted (20.00), and that saddle has to go (40.00).

$150.00 and $170.00 comes to $320.00 for what would then be a very sharp looking, smooth running, vintage steel bike... and then it might even be worth a little more than that.

Sold an absolutely pristine bike like this a few years back for $250.00 and would have asked for more except I only paid $40.00 for the bike and it went to a friend of a friend. The bike had been completely serviced and tuned up too.
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