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Servo - You have way better eyes than I do... I can't see inside hubs without taking them apart and one image won't tell what kind of shape any of the bearings are in or the condition of the wheels although they don't look thrashed... the tyres appear to be fairly new and I can't see any daylight between the middle chain ring and chain.

It is a sport class frame and the longer stays may be desirable for someone who is looking for a more comfortable riding bike that might accept fenders and perhaps you missed the part about Japanese made Bianchis being very nicely made bikes.

Anyways... the bike needs a really close inspection by someone who knows what to look for so if the OP doesn't have the skills he should find someone to tag along when he goes to see the bike in person.

I have pulled many a bent fork from bikes that had not suffered any frame damage... just finished working on another Bianchi that had an obviously bent fork but the frame checked out 100%.

Just came back from it's first good test ride actually... and this one is worth a little more than $20.00.

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