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Originally Posted by Bianchigirll View Post
I think $900 might be alot for a repainted bike with a frame of undertimed year and exact model. if you only plan to sell the bike after you repaint why not simply clean and tune it and sell it like it is and maybe make a few bucks rather than risk loosing alot?

I don't know about $800 but I for a good shop that would apply correct decals, Including the correct "Repaint Columbus" decal I am sure you will be looking at spending atleast $500+ and there might be quite a wait.
This frame will be of interest with the correct components only, so while I do not know the initial cost, selling it with a correct headset or just a frame and fork will be best, and probably just how it is, letting someone else pay for the painting. As said Gios Blue is not the easiest color to match and it varied a bit, just enough so many an "expert" will claim its wrong, which really means wrong to him. Why do I know this? I have three original finish bikes and two could use a respray. I am going to have to choose a shade, they are close but not the same.
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