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Originally Posted by Tom Pedale View Post
I've got a few catalogues...I'll see if I can scan & upload specs. Not sure when the Competizione began & ended, but the the specs generally changed a bit from year to year..
Tom, were you able to find your catalogues? When I wrote my original question a few weeks ago I had been eyeing a Competizione on Craigslist, however the price seemed a little high and the frame was a little big. A week ago I picked up one for $25 as well as an early 80s Bianchi for $175. Both bikes are great, my youngest son immediately took possession of the Bianchi and I'm keeping the Competizione. I'll post some photos after I return from vacation in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately the owner lived a block from the ocean so you can imagine what the sand and salty breezes have done to it. I just got done rebuilding the Suntour Superbe Pro rear derailleur, including the "sealed" bearings and everything that could be taken apart on it. I wish the stenciled name was still on the derailleur but the only thing left is the engraved "S". The Suntour Superbe Pro hubs look like they will clean up pretty well but like the deraileur, the stenciled name is chipping off.
This is my third Univega. I had previously owned a Gran Turismo and a Gran Premio back in the late 70s. The Gran Premio took me on many centuries and double centuries as well as a cross-country trip and accompanied me to Nicaragua back in the mid 80's where it still lives, so I hear.
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