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Originally Posted by mswantak
Alright, you schmendrakes...

In spite of you casting aspersions on flat bars, I probably have a saddle you can use on that WA if you decide to buy it.

Something to keep in mind when off-brand bikes turn up in the next couple months; Burning Man is coming up the end of August. In the Bay Area at least people will be looking for $50-and-under beaters they can take and not worry about.
True enough, and point taken RE: Burning Man.

I just went back and looked at the Western Flyer that I mentioned n the original post, and still gave it a pass. It has been repainted a puke-green (a long time ago), and all the chromed or expose metal parts exhibit considerable rusting. The tires and tubes are long since rotted beyond redemption. In addition, the seat is there but mostly destroyed, and the original bars have been replaced with drops. Also, it isn't a single speed, or at least didn't used to be. Thre is a (presumably) 3 speed hub on the rear, but the chain, cable, and shifter are long gone. I could not discern the hub maker because of a heavy crust of rust.

I'll leave it for some other lucky fellow.

John D.
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