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Riding bmx again

Hi im in my early 30s, and got a custom Fit Series2 from an ex rider. I know this was a top tier frame in 2005, but I wondered what else I could find out about it. I would imagine it weighs in at around 25 pounds or so with all the parts.

Just kind of feeling my way back into it..trying to bunnyhop higher then 6 inches again.practicing my manual...trying to figure out if I really need 2 pegs on the left side.

I am 5'9 and 165 so this bike seems to really match me on size. I keep the seat slammed and only pedal standing up and sit to coast. You can not pedal seated on this frame even if the seat was higher..just how the geo is.

It's honestly more fun the my mtb...i can cruise to a parking lot and practice whatever. I know it will take me a lot of time, but if there are any tried and true things to work on first, please share.

I like ride down stairs on my mtb and have hit some stairs that lead to a jump on the BMX. Is this ok on a bmx tire and rim? I know the front shocks on the mtb make it smoother, but wasnt sure on the bmx. I have a Primo Hula Hoop and an arraya on the back. Oddessey 90 PSI tires.

EDIT: Worked on hops. I can easily clear curbs again from the ground. What is helped me is squatting low on the bike before lifting up the front and pushing forward. It also helps to have something to clear. the manuals will take more time. I still bail and can't control the wheel when it gets too high (i know i have to straighten my legs). I also am hitting 2-3 feet drops over and over and working on getting as much air as i can.

I love this fit's incredibly plush.

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