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Note the braze-ons for rack/fenders. That's a touring model. Mine has the same seat lug/stay configuration, but a sloping fork crown. Also, mine has shifter bosses and recessed brake bolts/nuts - this one does not. Bear in mind - I'm far from an expert on these, just a very satisfied owner.

Mine is race geometry, and a fine all day rider. It is my favorite bike out of my 4 bike rotation - the other 3 being Cinelli SC, Pogliaghi, and Ciocc. That particular one looks pretty beat up. As reference, I paid $250 for a bare frame and fork, but it was almost without blemish. A nice all-original one sold last year or so for ~$1,450 on eBay, but it was near perfect. It's hard to put a price on them, as you don't see too many pop up. A 60cm touring model on eBay just sold for $260, and it looked to be in better condition than this one.

I guess it what I'm saying is that while I think these are very fine bikes and a joy to ride, this particular one look pretty beat and I'm not sure I'd blow a wad of cash on it unless I really wanted it. Maybe a couple of Benjamin's?
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