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Originally Posted by djlarroc View Post
I rode my bike to work this morning. About an 8 mile ride.

Starts off beautifully on a bike path by my house. Then I got to the metro area.

The ride is about 5.5 miles BP, 2.5 in a heavy traffic area. Some of it has to be ridden on the sidewalk, as it's just too dangerous to ride the st (IMO) including a bridge over a freeway w/2 entrances/exits on each corner.

On the sidewalk area theres a bunch of little shops, so I had to weave around people and their dogs tied to trees some of which don't like bikes. I felt like "Paper Boy".. that old school video game lol.

Anyway, screw this. I'm not going to ride to work unless I can find a safer route. Not worth it to me. Cool story bro.
I forgot about that game - I used to play it as a kid. Have you thought of taking the "long way"? It might take an extra 5 miles, but at least you go a way you feel comfortable.
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