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I think they were wrong to just come up and decide they could share. You guys probably had the nicest spot and they wanted in on it too, which makes sense. I'd probably have been to docile to speak up like your wife did, I don't think she was wrong but if I had been there with you two I'd have felt guilty and embarrassed about sending them away. BUT, I'd be glad to have the spot back with some peace and quiet! lol, I'm just a softy in situations like that, in other situations I'm not a pushover, not even a little.

Backpackers, campers, etc. tend to like hanging around in groups for safety and social reasons. They probably felt guilty and embarrassed when they left too, that or mad, but life goes on and it will teach them a valuable lesson. Don't assume. Maybe if they'd sat down with you guys first to take a break and got to talking, you may have invited them to stay.

I think you guys handled it the right way for you at the time, come to think about it, if they started tripping over my stuff I'd be irked and might ask them to leave too.
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