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Thanks for the input guys.

Regarding stretching and core work; frankly, if I don't ride at all then I really don't have any back pain or stiffness. It's only in the Spring when I get back into cycling regularly ( every other day) that the pain starts.

So...I'm cycling to keep the weight off and stay in shape...but doing so causes back pain, which then requires me to do exercises to stave off the pain. While I love riding and staying in's all starting to seem counterproductive when it brings on pain I don't normally have.

This getting old stuff is for the birds.

By the way...I am riding a road bike, raised stem not too low and overall geometry and fit is good. Again there is NO pain or discomfort when I ride, only the next day. I'm starting to consider trying a Mtn. bike to see if that would be better or worse.

Thanks again.
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