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Last summer I backpacked up to a spot I had passed a number of times, but had never stayed at. It's idyllic, by a stream, in the shade, very tranquil, that kind of thing. It was midweek and as I'd been having a stressful time of it, was looking forward to a little quality time between myself and the natural world. I had no sooner got my tent up when another backpacker came a-lumbering up. "Mind if I join you?" he asked and without waiting for a reply, starting unpacking his gear. Right next to mine.

Me: "Uhm, yeah I kinda do."
Him: "Well too bad, it's a free country"
Me: "Yes it is, but there's plenty of room for both of us, without camping right on top of each other"
Him: "OK, I promise not to talk to you. How about that?"

So as he obviously wasn't planning to move, and as I had no desire to spend the evening with him, no talking or not, and as he was significantly bigger than me so the odds of me physically intimidating him into moving were slim, I ended up relocating to a spot further down the trail, which was pleasant enough, but not as good as the first one.

But, I still feel like I should have waited until he was asleep, then dropped a big rock on his head.
Or stolen his bootlaces. Bill Bryson's companion in A Walk In The Woods did that to a bossy freeloader.