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So just how good are you anyway?

Spring has sprung and we are rapidly approaching Summer. The daffodils and crocuses have bloomed and faded. The whirly birds have long flown. All the birds have returned from their Florida condos, and along with them, some hawks who hang around the back yard two or three times a year (I haven't figured out their schedule but I'm sure it will occur to me sooner or later) terrorizing the rabbits and squirrels, giving the backyard farmers some respite and depriving our cat of hours of entertainment.

And with the arrival and passing of the warm seasons come the Embellishers, posting times that rival the ToC TTers. I won't link it but someone on the Road Cycling forum was complaining just yesterday that he was chuffed to the gut because he was getting dropped by his group as they rocketed up 15% grades at 20 MPH.

Even on this humble forum we see a gradual disappearance of the "I enjoyed my ride today because I saw the deer in the valley below prance and frolic" only to be replaced by "I rode 130 miles and had to stop because the casing on my tires was melting from the speed".

I have to get this off my chest. I think some of you guys are making it up. The rest of you are doping.

Some of you are probably doing both.

In the spirit of the Two Most Esteemed Progressives In America (Barack Obama, who gives himself perhaps a bit immodestly a good solid B+, and Garrison Keillor, who admits that all the local kids are above average), I'm inviting you to rate yourself for active 50+er cyclists.

Do be honest. I'm doing this for posterity.
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