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An interesting question. Compared to all 50+ers, I am in the top 1%. Compared to everyone here, I'm in the middle.

There are two eternal truths when it comes to cycling (or, when you think about it, most things in life):
1. You can always get better.
2. There is always someone better than you.

I hope you're wrong about lying. I hope those of us here are beyond the point of needing to prove something, especially to other internet geeks.
I know you're wrong about doping. I, I believe, am one of the only people on this forum who has actually cycled while under the influence of doping agents. While undergoing chemo, I got a few shots of Aranesp, which is an advanced form of EPO. That stuff is freaking magic juice. I strongly recommend it if you can get your hands on it, so long as it doesn't kill you.

I chalk up the dearth of "nice ride" threads to the "Did you ride today?" thread, which has sucked up all the good ride descriptions. I would vote for closing that thread to free up the ride stories.
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