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You did not provide any info as to what each quintile is. It is ambiguous. Ex racers, ex pros, cycling many years, belong to a club, solo riders, 3 a week trips, casual riders. Riders who just started again after many years, riding for health reasons, vintage bike riders, have to have the newest types, family riders and the list goes on.
Who cares what other people think anyway. If they want a place to post and exchange info with like minded people i think is the most important thing. If you want to compare speed , distance, who you can pass or who can pass you then you need to compete with other types who do the same. If someone posts something you think smells, its something you can't really do anything about. As for me i just compete with myself, i have goals i hope to reach as far as distance and sustained speed. Slowly improving and learning from my mistakes. How i compare to others i don't really know or care. I am getting the benefits from riding and i enjoy it. Its like golf, people fib about what they shot, they are only hurting themselves. When it comes time to perform is when they fail. Enjoy your ride, i know i enjoy mine.
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