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Kuwahara Porn...

Most folks who know are aware of my love for those mid eighties Kuwaharas, especially the Shasta and Cascade models.

It all started 5 years ago when I got to check out my friend's 1988 Shasta and right after that started looking for the same bike and had to settle for my Cascade.

My friend's Shasta came to visit my shop and as it has always been too small for him he wanted to refit it for his better half and trekking bars seemed the way to go.

And when I say small...I am talking about a 47 cm lugged frame ! My bikes are 55cm tall with equal top tube measurements and the little Shasta also has a 55cm top tube which I find fascinating.

My Cascade... she's ready to hit the Rockies now that I have added the low riders and fitted the VX derailleurs.

My 1988 Shasta has been stripped to the bone and is a very lightweight urban assault vehicle and winter ride. It's Hurricanes have seen more than 10,000 km of trouble free riding in every kind of weather and are still looking pretty fresh.

And my friend's 1988 Shasta is in such beautiful shape... the original headset needed to be replaced and used an NOS Tioga MTB Master and it got some fresh Schwalbe Hurricanes as I have never found a better 2.0 tyre. They roll out fast, corner like they are on rails, and offer an outstanding ride while offering some insane life and puncture protection.

Love the trekking bars...

The Shasta was an $800.00 Cdn bike in '88 and second only to the Cascade... figure that after 22 years this is looking like a pretty good deal with a less than 40.00 / yr cost and the bike will last another 22 and probably another 22 after that.
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