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reference angles in autocad

I was drawing this thing today, we are doing sectional drawings for autocad. and one of the things to draw was a bolt guard from Stanley hydraulics.
I was doing well until I got to a certain part and the teacher explained how to do it. Basically, its a circle with an offshoot
I have attached a picture of what had to be done
Just pretend the blue lines were the center lines
Line A must be tangent to the circle, and the actual line if it were extended far enough would be 14 degrees with the vertical center line (if that makes sense, i know my wording is off, as well my drawing a bit).
So the teacher said turn under Osnap settings turn off everything but tangent. And use the line tool and click on the circle then type:
I get the <76 part, since 14 from 90 is 76, but i dont get the @-5. He said it was just a reference angle, can somebody clarify? Would it have worked if I said @-6 or @-21? Thanks
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