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Originally Posted by 5cagm View Post
It may just be the angle the photo is taken at but it looks as though it may have been in a front end collision.
If you look at the picture of the whole bike, it's not using the kickstand. I have it hanging against the wall. The handlebars were turned hence the sort of curve. lol... I almost believed you.

Thanks though. Nice observation. Didn't notice it in my picture before I posted.

edit: I went outside and looked. It does look like MAYBE. JUST MAYBE, something is a little curved. Barely barely noticible. I had to use a ruler.
I take that back... you're right!
SORRY !!!!

I don't really care about price that much. I guess I just want to know entry level bike... original listing price, year... you know the easy stuff...
but go on

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