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What's your definition of flatland? Only asking becuase sometimes noobies confuse some flatland and street riding. You were definatly right about one thing, you do NOT want a flatland specific bike if you plan on doing anything other than flatland. Their geometry is different and wont be suited for much other than its specific use. For flatland, you are going to want 4 pegs and front and rear brakes w/ a gyro. This is probably the best "which bike should I buy" thread I have seen, and I'm bored so I spent some time trying to find a bike that would be perfect out of the box for you, but I honestly havent had much luck. I didnt realise how rare the the front brake has become. If i was you I would try to find a bike that already has a gyro and four pegs and save up for a fork with 990 mounts and and a brake system...theres plenty you can learn without front brakes in the mean time.

Some good places for buying or browsing bikes are:

I dont know a whole lot about stolen, so I cant say much. The sinner says it is brakeless, so make sure it has u brake mounts, my bike is brakeless and has no u brake mounts. The just sell it with a chinsey peice of crap system that mounts by one screw in the center, and this is becuase the bike is not meant to have brakes but they cant sell it without brakes. So make sure that aint the case with this bike before you buy anything.

I would take a look at the Fit Bike Co line too, I bought a Fit complete and I couldnt be happier with it. Fit is also a very reputable company.
http://fitbikeco.com The PRK series would probably be well suited for your needs. Just a suggestion.

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