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Thanks guys. I sure feel it burn when I ride, but I have been logging 3-5 miles minimum on the BMX weekdays and 10-20 on the MTB on weekends. I feel like the BMX has made me a much better MTB rider. The MTB can spoil you with the shock and the BMX just punishes your wrists if you don't nail your landings clean.

Roadbiking is not my thing as I need air and I am well muscled. I only weigh 165 and was benching/deadlifting and squatting 300 so the muscles are there. Also, I have a hot GF so I don't need to have sex with a million girls to feel good about myself.

Biggest issue for me is that I slide off my pedals sometimes when hopping. I crouch and explode off the bike and can clear curbs and probably hop a foot right now, but I am still not sure if my technique is proper or not. I use the crouch and also pull up and push forward with my wrists. I see a lot of guys hop who do not seem to curl their toes and use their hamstrings to getthe rear wheel up so I am guessing I'm on the right track? I try to do it that way and almost eat it. I am also manualing ok..i can feel the balance point, but have only gone about 10 feet. I'd love to be able to do it in my sleep. Yet another great technique for the trails, like Bhopping.
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