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First bike tour

Hi everyone! Just to give you a brief background, I'm heading off to basic training for the Canadian military in October, and being the young testosterone-filled, adventure seeking guy that I am, I thought a long distance tour this summer would be a great way to celebrate my 20th birthday, and to get some adventure out of my system before I'm tied down by my military training. My desired route is from Edmonton, AB to Jasper,AB and back, approximately 366km/227miles each way (732km total). I was hoping to do this trip in about 8 days, nearly all self-supported. Besides Jasper National Park in the rocky mountains, 3/4 of this trip will be flatter prairie, so hills won't be a big issue for much of the trip. At this distance I will need to ride 90-100km per day.

I'm currently riding about 20-25km/day for fitness, and have done three 60-80km 'mini-tours' between my small town and Edmonton. I am also riding my first metric century July 25. I am hoping to make the trip to Jasper from August 2nd-10th.

I will be riding a Trek Valencia, equipped with a rear rack. If you have suggestions for affordable panniers and a tent I can fit me and my bike into that would be great!

I would greatly appreciate any advice, tips, and words of wisdom any of you seasoned veterans can offer. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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