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We used to take two shopping cars, and attach two ropes to the front of each. Then we'd have a friend drive his Trans Am at 100mph up a long stretch of county road while we'd stand up out of the t-tops facing backward. Each of us would hold the ropes for one cart, and as you pulled on the ropes you could cause the cart to weave dangerously in the road as it was towed behind the car. The goal was to ram the other person's cart and knock it over, at which point they'd have to let go or get pulled out of the car by the friction of a steel cage dragging along asphalt at 100mph. You could also drive past ramps at high speed and at the last second veer the cart to the side of the car and have it hit the ramp.

Ahh, those were the days.

Oh, and unicycles count, especially if you made it yourself (but even if you didn't).

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