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Originally Posted by slvoid
I moved over to inventor about 2 years ago and haven't looked back since. I can create a machined part, do the solid model, create a 2D shop drawing from the solid model, do all the section and broken views, dimension tolerance and surface it, then export the solid model out to SAT or whatever and get it down to CNC in less than an hour.
Then I can use the same solid model, stick it into an assembly of parts, do kinematics and interference, fea the sucker in about half an hour.
Then shade and texture the assembly, export the picture out to marketting to use in our catalog, a whole design takes less than 2 hours for something that has 3-4 parts.

I've played with Inventor some, and it looks to be pretty cool. I use Mechanical Desktop for most of my stuff. I really like it. It seems to be able to get the drawings on paper better than the version of Inventor I was using.

I'm modeling a new trike right now. Let you know how it comes out.
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