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Oh no, I said: "The tour didn't go entirely as envisioned but it wasn't a failure either". I don't think it was a failure. I had fun and considering this was the first time I'm quite pleased with it. And yeah, definitely I will do this route again: a bit later in summer so it's warmer and I will be much better prepared this time. Heck, if I have enough time off left I may take another shot in August this year!!! Yes, it is a very, very beautiful land.

Two main problems with this tour:

- I went too early, should have done it next month so it'd be warmer
- The rackmount eyelet problem

Everything else was allright. If it wasn't for the cold weather I would still be riding until this Sunday or maybe longer, even with the broken rack mount. Yeah zip ties are awesome. I carried some with me but not this thick and long and I will definitely pack some next time.

Yes, I pretty much used everything I was carrying down to tweezers, nail clippers and the scalpel blade to remove a thorn from my leg The only things I didn't use were: bear spray, patch kit, tube/tire tools, chain tool, spare bike parts (although they amounted to less that 1/2lbs) and swimming shorts pretty much. I've sent some things back home twice, but whatever was left was useful. I adjusted the saddle and the handlebar several times until I got them just right, and trued the rear wheel once.

And I really didn't have too much problems with the weight. At the end of the day I even added some extra weight by buying food for the camp and for breakfast. The first few days were hard, then I think I got stronger and learned to work my lowest gears to my advantage.

So, no, definitely not a failure. I'm very excited. This is the best way to spend vacations I can think of. I'll try to get my bike fixed in the next few days and do some few shorter rides since I still have two weeks left (I took 4 weeks of). Maybe Pennsylvania or Massachusetts? If I could only get my wife into this So for now we go car-camping together but my bike tours will remain solo I think.


PS. Yeah, the bear bell wasn't necessary, the handlebar bag was like 50% used, it's too big and the small bag on the top tube was handy for change. Yeah, there were long discussions on how much crap I carry I know that and I'm sure I will learn to minimize as I do this more often. I already know few things that I don't need.

The AirZound was used twice on dogs, stopped them dead in their tracks. Although they didn't look very aggressive, they'd probably just chase me for a bit and not try to bite me, and at least once on a car coming out of driveway. But the AirZound is light.

But yeah, I absolutely agree that I need to work on cutting the weight down.

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