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Originally Posted by mattm View Post
Was on the Ciocc to start with, but when I got the team Raleigh the Ciocc frame is now collecting dust.

The Raleigh serves as RR/crit/TT bike, and I love it. The Ciocc is still around just in case the Raleigh explodes. (already beat up one Raleigh frame, but got my hands on another)

I feel like if I had two race bikes I'd never be totally comfortable on one of them, unless their fit was exactly the same. Too much trouble/money/space for now..
Originally Posted by mike868y View Post
Yea, that's how my fuji is for me. The cranks are too long, the reach is a little off, etc. But if it is between riding that and not riding, I'm glad I have it.
That's why you buy two of the same bike. Build them up with the same 'fit' things, and set one up for training, so cheaper/heavier parts+training wheels+etc, and the other up for racing. That way you can just switch wheels and race the backup without any issues.

It's also not that hard getting 2 similar bikes to fit 'the same'.
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