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Originally Posted by njkayaker View Post
One might be able to low-temperature braze an eyelet to the rear of the rack one. The second eyelet doesn't have to be very strong for a fender.

Interesting. Thanks. For road riding, I think it's a solution in search of a problem!
The P-clips work for now and I don't know if I will hang on to this frame for long

This guy built this bike with the intention to ride off-road mostly, in sand and snow. Their adventure took them through some major off-road action.

Originally Posted by KDC1956 View Post
Nice job on you bike.Any bike can have problems.But one thing I have to say you should have stayed with your Brooks Saddle lol.Looks like you had a good time.
You might want to look in to getting a Surly LHT Frame to build next time.Good luck and have fun.
Brooks? No, thanks I wanted an LHT but they don't come with disc brake mounts. I may look into 2010 Kona Sutra or Salsa and other steel touring frames that have disc mounts on the chainstay, therefore nullifying the rear rackmount issues. I could get a better steel rack too.

Originally Posted by LeeG View Post
Adam, thanks for all the info about your trip. I really like how the welder finished your rack attachment. Aren't zip-ties great? When I set up a front rack on my daughters bike I MickeyMoused it on with zip ties to the mid fork as I'd run out of ss hose clamps. It held up fine throughout her trip with panniers until she and a friend were goofing around sitting on the rack. More zip ties and it was back on.
LOL, I packed some long, thick, heavy duty zip-ties for my next tour

So, I'm packed for tomorrow's start. Not much lighter but I took some food this time, I decided that I want to eat my own this time rather than looking for places to buy food, so I packed some seasoned couscous, ramen, noodles, etc. I'll probably pick up some canned chicken on the way. See how that works out
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