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Holes in the tire itself

So I went out for the first ride in my new (and first "serious") bike (Caad9) and I blew two rear tubes in about 15 minutes.

These tubes blew in different spots around the wheel, I'm pretty sure from hitting glass or a rock. There are corresponding holes in my tire where each tube broke.

So now, I have two small holes in my rear tire (one about 1cm long, size of a thumb-nail clipping maybe. The other is smaller. The smaller one has torn some of the inner fibres of the tire, where the first one has just ripped the outer rubber part).

I have found copious amounts of info on repairing TUBES, but I am wondering about the tires themselves. It looks as if a new tube mught protrude from one of these holes and just cause bad things.

Is there a way I can patch the tire itself? Can I ride without a patch? Should I just buy a new tire?
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