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Recently my wife went into get a pro fitting. She called to let me know that she needed a new seat post (her original one had too much setback) and that they had an FSA SL post to sell her for $XX.00. It was the two bolt design (which is the only one I'd even consider since I've had saddle rail slipping issues with single bolt posts).

I had her ask them to order in a Thomson Elite at a few bucks cheaper, extremely easy and reliable to adjust and probably the most highly reviewed post on these forums. She's very happy with the choice, and I'm left being a bit jealous. =)

Not trying to talk you out of your choice, but in the case that you're defaulting to the FSA because it's carbon, nice looking and "light weight" it may not be the best option for the price. Seat posts don't seem to be one of the "drop lots of weight by going to carbon" parts on a bike. Carbon seat posts still have to be made thick to deal with the force, require much more care when making adjustments ( as not to over torque and crack) and have a greater tendency to slip downward over time with use than a quality aluminum post.

...so, it seems I AM trying to talk you out of it afterall...haha.

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