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Albatross bars are cool!!
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FWIW, I'm 5'9" and have two road frames that I like. One's 21" and required a rather tall stem to really get it comfortable, and the other is 23". I can see a very short frame possibly being suitable if it's one of those new "comfort hybrids" with radically sloping top tubes, designed to get the bars up good and high while leaving lots of room for these newfangled boingy seatposts, or possibly if you like your bars really low (my 19.5" mountain bike was almost unbearable with it stock stem).

Aside from considering cheaper new models (if you seriously dislike wrenching), does anyone near you resell old stuff? Bike shops in my area sometimes have good deals on older bikes (like an '80s Paramount MOS for $250), and the local university has a bike department of sorts that tunes up and resells donated or confiscated bicycles.
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