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embankmentlb: Thanks for the kind words
Pars: I too have a SunTour 7 spd but it is a Accushift(sp?). I also tried the Shimano which was closer to the IRD. In the end the IRD is better. I just returned to biking after 30 something years with steady biking in 2008 on a Specialized Rockhopper. Had too cause I have a step hill to get home with one very short section that is 20%+ and the rest at 10%. Needed the lower gears. In fact, had to walk the first week!

Come to think of it, I also have a Regina America that looks nearly new, but a 6 spd.

I am of the mind that 6 speeds are plenty. I just need to get up the hill! I also have Suntour Ultra 6 that I bought in 197x with the chain. Used that on a 72 Moto Le Champ.

Now that I am in better shape, I can make it up with the 28/42 on the 'Nago. I changed chains cause I read somewhere that it would make a difference. It did, slightly. It is nearly as smooth as zacster describes. Certainly a lot better than what I was riding the 60's and 70's!

I think Sach was bought by SRAM, can't remember (age thing) but it is on there site, I think. I typically look at Universal Cycle cause they are in town and with the good prices, it is an easy pick up for most consumable items. I didn't think paying much more for the 890 was worth it for me.

I have more vintage chains that are still good than I know what to do with!

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