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Originally Posted by z90 View Post
By the way, I kind of like the red. And red bikes go faster, according to BF wisdom.
I'm sure lots of people like the red...

You're right that I might be able to get my hands on a blue ES from last year. For winter riding I have a fixie with some Hutchinson cyclo-cross tires, although sometimes I leave a slick on the rear wheel for a little extra fun. This new bike is just for pavement in above-freezing conditions.

The only touring bike I've ridden was a test-ride of Jamis Aurora, which seems to fair well in reviews, but it was very far from what I'm looking for. I'm sure it's better fully loaded, but that's not what I need.

The Surly Pacer falls somewhere between the Smoothie and the ES, geometry-wise, but doesn't have rack mounts. I also like the Tange Prestige and carbon forks of the Somas.
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