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The Pump Energy Food ... Warning

I usually get take-out from them when I'm at work.

I go to the 55th Street location (between 5th and 6th avenues)... usually pay cash there, and leave a couple bucks in their tip jar.

Yesterday I went there, ordered 2 falafel sandwiches... I was short on cash so I decided to pay with my Debit card (the one with the Visa logo so you can do credit card transactions)

Anyway, I left a $2.00 cash tip in their tip jar, the bill was $10.38, I crossed out the tip line on the credit card slip because I gave it in cash.

So tonight I checked my online bank account and there's a $12.38 charge from the Pump Energy Food on my account.

They went and gave themselves a $2.00 tip on my debit transaction that I didn't authorize.

Last time I checked... this is illegal.

I'm going in their tomorrow to speak to their manager and see what they say. It's not that I'm being cheap over $2.00, but I'm a regular customer... they did something illegal and unethical... they're losing my business (I spend about $50.00 a week there).

I'm also going to let all my co-workers know about this.

They just screwed themselves over a $2.00 tip.
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