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Originally Posted by Doohickie View Post
Check your map; Tupper Lake is not outside of NY. Perhaps you meant NYC? (Sorry, but that kind of thing grates on those of us from upstate.... there's a lot of NY that is outside of NYC and many NYCers seem to forget that.)

EDIT: How did I miss this thread when it was new???

Anyway... sounds like you had a memorable trip.
Yup, sorry, I did mean New York City, of course.

Originally Posted by electrik View Post
Hey Adam, congrats on doing your first tour. Maybe you can ask Kona if they have a frame replacement program? They may offer you a discount on the new Sutra frame which is a lot studier and thought out in the rear triangle.

Zip ties and duct-tape are always good. Remember if the women don't find ya handsome they should at least find ya handy!
I bough it on eBay so I don't suppose Kona would do that. But that's OK. It looks like the fix will work well and may actually end up with a different frame anyway. Yeah, that's a great quote but I never saw the show.

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