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Mettle to the Pedals
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Wow--Thanks for all the responses and advice.
Dr. Morbius--I guess what I'm getting at is what Allison_in_OH said. Long easy rides vs. harder shorter rides. Since this post, it's been too cold and rainy to be out much, but I'm going to focus on steadily increasing my spinning speed and using lower gears, rather than peddling slowly in higher gears to go longer distances.

I'm an insulin dependent diabetic and I've lost 72 pounds in the last year by eating right (whole foods, lots of fruits and veggies and only complex carbs), doing Yoga every day and climing lots of stairs. I've recently added biking to get some more cardio work into my schedule. I'm well on my way to a healthier lifestyle and think that biking may just help me get those last few pounds off and keep them off.

Thanks again, all!
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