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DISCLAIMER. this is not a prescription but rather some suggestions based on my education, research and experience. GET YOUR DOCTORS APPROVAL BEFORE STARTING ANY EXERCISE PROGRAM!

Weigth ( Fat) loss is more a matter of what your heart is doing that what your legs are doin'. GET A PHYSICAL and tell your Dr. that your planning to lose weight by riding a bike. Invest in a heart rate monitor with "zone' setting", set the zone to 60-70% of your MAX HR. and ride in that zone. (probably won't rade as hard as you usually do). As long as you stay in this zone you are "aerobic" that is your muscles are receiving enough oxygen to use stored carbs to burn fat.
The trick here is also to be eating a balanced diet. You are foolish to try to exercise away fat while on any of these ridiculous fad diets(Atkins, South Beach). You need both protein and carbohydrates to function properly.
Intersperse your "Fat Burning Rides' with "Muscle Building Rides" where your HR zone is 70-80% MAX HR doing short powerful sprints to build your Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings and Ankle flexors. More muscle mass = increased Basal Matabolic Rate (more calories burned while you play couch potato a couple nights a week).
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