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Originally Posted by sykerocker View Post
Does anyone know of a source for the drivebelt for a set of '70's Cortina rollers, imported by Mel Pinto?

I'm currently housebound, probably for a great deal of the future. My wife suffered a stroke two and a half weeks ago, and she's just come home from the hospital. While home, she can't be left alone, which means I'm very grateful that my job volunteered that I could telecommute - but I won't be getting a bike out on the road for the immediate future, probably the rest of this year unless someone (mainly my sister-in-law) is over to wife-sit.

I was offered a set of rollers by a vintage motorcycle collecting friend of mine (dual background, bicycles and motorcycles, although he only rides the latter anymore), and to my amusement discovered they're the same model Cortina's that I used during the Erie winters of the 1970's. Having sat in an attic for the last 25 years, I'm not expecting the rubber belt to last too much longer.

I never liked rollers, like trainers even less, but not being able to ride at all makes the former alternative a lot more palatable.
Sounds like your wife is serious, this is undoubtedly the most important thing. Belts, hmmm.... If you can get the old belt off and measure it, then call some of the places that do industrial belts, you need the length, the width, and the shape... If you can get the old belt off in one piece, take it the place that does belts, tell them, I need one of these....
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