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Well, forgot to mention about how I felt about my body.

Here goes :

I feel great, not able to become fat, probably due to active lifestyles. Thus, I get to eat a lot and really don't care about what I eat. I do try to make sure it is a healthy choice of food, if it isn't, I just have to make up with more fruits.

I have unproportional legs compared to my torso. I like my legs though, they are longer than some friends who are taller than me. They are great looking, just a little skinny. Not exactly too much tone but there is slight definition. Love my calves, though they look only half of Lance Armstrong's. You can see the amount of muscles he has in those calves, so many sections in the calves, I have fewer.

My torso is rather skinny, though I can easily see muscle in my abs and chest, they are still not big enough to hide off the rib cage. Result of not doing too many push-ups, don't like to do them, but I do like sit ups. My arms are rather long and skinny, though smaller in muscle mass compared to my friends, I can win them in arm wrestling. HEHE

My head, is my head. A very sharp face that I have. Long and sharp that is. My mother tells me that having this kind of face makes a guy rather handsome. HEHE. My father tells me I have a sharp nose. My brother, he tells me I am handsome. I, tell myself, go get a girlfriend then. HEHE. Actually, I won't rate myself, but I'm glad to have such a face.

Overall, I love myself a lot and thank God for that. Though there isn't the golden ratio in my body, not sure about my face, I'm rather happy as a person. I know I'm leaner than other guys, stronger than other guys, fitter than other guys, faster than other guys and smarter than other guys. That makes me a happy person as I know I'm an individual with my own personality and my own frame of mind.
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