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My rebuilt (not restored) HT mtb is used daily, no time or money spent on cosmetics.
Flat black, the bike is 15 yrs old, the paint is toast.

Here's the thing, it was one of the most expensive mtb when made -above $1200 in 1990. I bought it for $150, spent $550 to get it to a modern competent running order.

A 700$ HT mtb no suspension ...well, if I wanted a new T.R. bike, I'd be looking at around $1600?...anyway.

Works for me, I have the frame\bike I want, just a little old\ugly.
I restored it to ride the snot outta it.
No rest for the wicked, the saddest thing was the bike was designed to race..and never did.

I guess it's different if it's a team bike, or special design aspects that only are on it's series.
To me it's about the frame\ride, a good sweet steel bike frame that fits and rides like butter.....=where's the parts's Hammer time.
Pretty expensive way to ride..but you seen the prices on new chromoly frames?

I like old HQ frames, but like index shifting and modern brakes. CF bars too, but frames?
There is a level of top shelf frames that really are only improved by materials IMO, not by geometry or joining teqniques.
Now if you can get an old one that's not a noodle, it just might be worth a visit to the parts store.
Mine was I feel.

My next bikes (road, urban freeride) will both be built up bikes, the road will probably be some arcane Italian\French lugged steel racing bike old n' retro...except the CF bars and fork..snicker..
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