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Tips are good and bad. As Anthonaut mentioned, in Australia tips are generally not expected.

However, where is the incentive to do your job as good as you can or put that little bit extra in?

When a big tipping minor-celebrity from the US arrives in an Australian hotel, I can assure you that the staff are falling all over them for a little something extra (no, not like that... but I've heard stories ).

Recently, a hire car broke down. The young lady behind the counter was being completely unhelpful to the point of obstruction! A call to the company's central switchboard and a quick conversation with a helpful assistant quickly resolved the problem and thirty minutes of frustration at the counter.

If her service behind the counter had relied on $5 tips being thrown her way for a good job, she would soon have either a) become helpful, b) got another job.

Without the tipping expectation where is the motivation for improvement?

In a "tipping" economy, if you have drive, a good smile and sense of timing you can make a good and honest living.

Interestingly, larger cities in Australia do expect tipping at "good" restaurants.

I'll leave (small) tips wherever I received exceptional service or great value (provided it's not a "chain" store). At the market, deli, bakery, restaurant... you name it. They don't expect it and it's appreciated.

However to get back on topic - if any place I went to charged a compulsory tip or service fee without advising me I'd treat it very seriously!
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